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Many professions have inherent dangers to the employees. Construction sites have some of the most serious daily hazards to the workers, and have the highest rate of injury of any profession. Even when safety procedures are carefully maintained, accident can suddenly occur with tragic ramifications to innocent victims. Cases of ladder falls, equipment malfunctions, electrical injuries, scaffolding collapses or falls, trench collapses and other disasters can result in severe injury or death.

In any such case, it is strongly advised that you contact a skilled injury attorney who is familiar with such claims and can assist in seeking fair compensation for the injured worker or their families.

Understanding Workers' Compensation in New Hampshire

When an injured loved one is fighting for their lives under medical care, it may be almost impossible to consider the legal matters surrounding the case. This can be an urgent matter, however, as the medical costs, rehabilitation and other treatment is going to be expensive. Workers' compensation is there to provide for injured workers, but the compensation may not be adequate to pay for medical care and provide for the family whose breadwinner is now injured and not able to make a living.

In many jobsite accidents, there were contributing factors that could allow for a third party claim. These include cases in which equipment failure caused the accident, or a faulty tool or failure of some vital part that resulted in the injury. When another company has failed to properly maintain equipment, or has provided faulty equipment, the case may need to include the manufacturer as a liable party in the lawsuit.

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Our legal team has helped countless individuals in resolving the matter of a claim for compensation in cases of injury accidents that occurred in the workplace. The outcome of the claim is so important to the injured and their families that we make the case a priority. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact our firm so a New Hampshire personal injury attorney can evaluate the case and advise you how to move forward with a claim.

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