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Many don't realize how dangerous a slip and fall accident can be until they suffer one themselves. Not only can severe injuries occur, even in minor cases serious bruising, sprains, strains and other painful injuries can result. In more serious cases, many have suffered catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries resulting in paralysis.

If you or a family member has been injured in such a case, it is important to get legal representation from a skilled New Hampshire personal injury attorney as soon as possible. At Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey, our legal team has extensive knowledge and experience in premises liability cases, and can advise you how to proceed with a claim seeking compensation for your injuries.

The Impact of Slip and Falls

If you have suffered a slip & fall or trip & fall accident, it is important that you immediately get medical attention, especially in cases in which the head has hit the floor or street with a heavy impact. Some do not realize that they have bleeding in the brain and can suffer severe damage if medical intervention isn't immediately taken.

Even in cases when you don't feel that you are injured, you may feel severe effects the following day or day after the fall. In some cases, the painful injury makes it impossible to work until the condition resolves, and the claim filed on your behalf must reflect your loss of income and cover all medical costs, among other damages.

What causes these accidents?

We are proud of our support for members of our community who have suffered injury accidents that are caused by negligence; our legal system allows for such claims, and the outcome can be very important to the injured. Slippery and icy sidewalks, wet floors, walking hazards in commercial buildings or even in private homes can cause severe and dangerous injuries, and our legal team is prepared to assist.

Seeking compensation for damages is made easy for our clients as we gather the vital documentation and evidence and file a professional and comprehensive claim that will reflect all the damages suffered in the case. Call us today to speak with our team about your unique injury!

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