New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When a vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the consequences are most often far more severe for the rider than for the driver and passengers of the car. Unlike passenger cars, motorcycles offer no vehicular protection at all. The rider is usually ejected and the resulting impact when another car, the pavement, a guardrail or some other object is hit causes serious injuries and sometimes death.

If you are trying to recover from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you may be facing lifelong medical conditions that will require repeated surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, and personal caregivers, not to mention inability or reduced ability to work.

Driver Negligence & Motorcycle Accidents

It is a fact that drivers of passenger cars sometimes find it difficult to accommodate other types of vehicles on the road. The insulating characteristics of most vehicles today make drivers feel like they travel in an impregnable cocoon. With the windows rolled up, the music blaring and the distractions of cell phones and text messaging, inattentive drivers can be inconsiderate of others, unaware of other vehicles or just plain disobeying the laws of the road. The resulting accidents of such driver negligence can be catastrophic to motorcyclists.

Attorney Bill Mulvey, Attorney Lesley Cornell and Attorney Patrick Mulvey have accumulated experience in handling claims for motorcyclists injured in such accidents. With expert resources, we are able to assemble the evidence that insurance companies inevitably require substantiating your claims for injuries suffered. An experienced legal team can get the true information and wage a serious campaign to get you what you need to recover from your injuries. Contact a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer from our firm today!

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