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One of the most common causes of car accidents is driving while distracted. It only takes a few seconds of distraction to cause a devastating accident. The type of distraction can also correlate with the type of accident. For example, taking your eyes off of the road can cause steering inaccuracies and lead to an accident from cutting into another lane. Being distracted cognitively can cause you to follow too closely and rear-end a car in front of you.

If you are distracted physically, your ability to avoid accidents can be tainted. Without two hands, you can struggle to maneuver the steering wheel in the way you should. If you have been injured in a car accident due to another person's negligence you can fight for compensation. Team up with a New Hampshire car accident lawyer from Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey for help in your case.

Types of Distracted Driving

There are countless outside factors that can distract a driver. A driver can be distracted physically, cognitively or visually and all can lead to car accidents. Distracting activities can fall into just one of these categories, or they can fulfill all three types of distraction.

  • In order to be a visual distraction, it must require the driver's focus on something other than the road. This would take the driver's eyes off of the road and is very dangerous.
  • Physical distractions can be things such as eating or holding something. While you can still watch the road and pay attention, it takes your hand off of the wheel.
  • To be a cognitive distraction, it would require the driver's thought. Having conversations with other people in the car or talking on the phone can distract a driver cognitively.

Some of the most common examples of distracted driving in New Hampshire include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Talking on the phone while driving
  • Eating
  • Altering the radio stations
  • Having conversations with other passengers
  • Putting make up on
  • Reading
  • Emailing
  • Dealing with a GPS
  • Changing the temperature in the car

Texting While Driving in NH

Texting while on the road fulfills all three of the types of distractions. Not only are you distracted physically by holding a phone, you are distracted visually when you look down at the phone and cognitively when you are thinking about the text and conversation. This is a huge threat to all other drivers on the road and can result in serious accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSF), distracted driving accidents are on the rise and cell phones are a major concern. In one year, over 5,000 people were killed in distracted driving accidents and 18% of the deaths were due to using a cell phone.

In New Hampshire, the laws for texting and driving are harsh. You can find the details of the provisions in the New Hampshire RSA 265:105-a. The first offense is a fine of $100, but if you cause an accident due to texting the fines can be much larger. You could also face jail time if you cause an accident for driving while texting. The danger that texting brings to the road affects the serious consequences if caught doing so.

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After being injured in a car accident, you can hold the negligent party responsible. With the help of a skilled car accident attorney you can fight to recover damages for your medical expenses, vehicle damage, lost income, pain and suffering and many other hardships. Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey offers a free case evaluation so contact our firm now to see how we may be able to help you in your case!

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