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Many New Hampshire residents enjoy biking, and children can be seen throughout the warmer months riding their bikes to and from their chosen destinations. As our population grows, there are more cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road, posing a serious hazard to bicyclists. We have had an increase in dangerous and deadly bicycle accidents, especially in cases in which the driver of the vehicle was drunk, using a cell phone, speeding or simply unaware that a bike rider was nearby.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents cause very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, and in some cases, crushed limbs as the driver after hitting the bicyclist, runs over them with their vehicle. Any such case should be addressed legally with the help of a knowledgeable New Hampshire personal injury attorney who can assist in seeking compensation for the damages suffered in the case.

Help for Victims

When you or a loved family member has been the victim of driver negligence in a bicycle accident, the first and most important concern is the recovery and health of the injured. As the injuries can be very severe, the recovery time can be extensive. Sadly, in some cases, the victim suffers permanent injuries, such as brain damage or spinal injuries resulting in paralysis. Their lives are forever altered; the future is full of challenges and difficulties.

These tragic cases cause the families of the victim great emotional turmoil and under such conditions it may be difficult to consider the legal aspects of the case. In fact, this can be very important to the health of the injured, as the financial compensation received in the case can provide for the most current treatments and new treatments as they become available.

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The New Hampshire bicycle accident lawyers at Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey can assist in filing a lawsuit or claim on behalf of the injured. This legal action helps the victim and their families in resolving financial concerns related to the accident. Each case must be fully evaluated to determine what types of damages will be named in the lawsuit. In less serious cases, the claim may include medical costs, loss of wages, future wage loss and pain and suffering, among others. In cases in which the injuries are severe, there will be further damages claimed as the victim will suffer long term effects from the accident.

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