New Study Suggests Distracted Driving Has No Age Limit

Cell phone-related distracted driving has quickly become a leading cause of traffic accidents and car collision injury suits. While the activity is usually associated with younger drivers, a new study from the University of California, San Diego is challenging that perspective. According to their findings, older drivers, ages 30-64, are just as likely to use their phone while behind the wheel.

As Elsevier reports, the new study found that 75% of the 715 people polled for the study admitted to hands-free talking on the phone. Nearly 90% of those that did believed that they were capable drivers while talking hands-free and less than 30% of participants overall were unaware that talking hands-free while driving increases the risk of an accident.

While hands-free phone use is commonly touted a safe option over texting or traditional phone calls, research has shown that it still dangerous. Experts believe hands-free cell phone use increases the risk of an accident just as much as drunk driving does.

The Pressure of Workplace Calls

The UCSD study was also able to pinpoint just what was compelling older drivers to continue to talk on the phone while behind the wheel: calls from work. The university is now working on new initiatives with companies to promote awareness among employees and reduce the compulsion to answer work calls while on the road.

"We think our intervention should be more widely implemented. People need to hear information about the risks of distracted driving from different sources, like public health, law enforcement and family," said Dr. Linda Hill, co-author of the study. "We're now working to get the message out, and hope to set up a system where we train trainers around the country."

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