Could Self-Driving Cars Lead to More Injuries?

Although cars themselves are significantly safer than in decades past, there are more distractions and dangers to drivers than ever before. With this in mind, technology companies across the United States have begun to focus on developing automated "self-driving" cars which they claim will eventually set a new standard for safety on the road. In this blog, we discuss some of the potential safety issues with this technology.

Will Self-Driving Cars Make the Road More Dangerous?

Changing to self-driving vehicles, or SDVs, will not be a quick process. After all, it is very unlikely that everyone in the country will switch over to an SDV as soon as they hit the market. There will also likely be a lot of resistance from those who enjoy driving their own cars, or otherwise have doubts about the safety of these vehicles. At least temporarily, this switch could theoretically increase the danger of an accident as computers try to predict the behavior of humans, and vice versa.

Will Self-Driving Cars Sacrifice their Passengers?

One of the most intriguing debates about SDVs revolves around how they will be programmed. This raises many questions – for example, if a car can avoid striking a pedestrian, but doing so could cause serious injury to the occupants, what decision will the computer make? Will it sacrifice the safety of the cars passengers to save the pedestrian, or will the opposite be true?

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These are just two of the many, many challenges that companies like Google face when trying to develop safe, effective SDVs. Meanwhile, many drivers continue to engage in negligent, reckless, and irresponsible behaviors which leave thousands of people injured every day.

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