Common Questions: Personal Injury Claim

New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorneys

Why do I need an attorney?
If you do not have legal representation you risk losing some types of compensation that you may be entitled to. Most individuals are not fully informed regarding the legal aspects of such cases, and may accept a settlement far lower than they could have expected with the support of an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer.

How much would I get in a settlement?
As each victim has a varying degree of injuries, your case must be fully evaluated. With a painstaking review of the degree of injury, expected costs of medical treatments and rehabilitation, loss of wages, future wage loss, pain and suffering or other types of claims, the expected financial outcome can be estimated. Our firm can evaluate the case and advise you what is likely to occur in your unique case.

Should I accept a settlement I have been offered?
You should always speak to an attorney before accepting any settlement offered to you. Failing to do so can result in receiving far less compensation than if you had a skilled attorney managing the claim. It is advised that you contact an attorney from our firm before signing any papers or accepting a settlement.

What if the responsible party is denying liability?
In some high value cases, the attorney for the responsible party may contest the lawsuit and make attempts to prove that their client is not responsible. Our skilled legal team is familiar with how to document a case and has access to powerful resources and expert witnesses to support personal injury lawsuits in court and fight for fair treatment.

What kinds of accidents can Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey help with?
Our legal team provides experienced and professional representation in any of the following types of personal injury accidents: