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Injuries to Children and Minors

Children are naturally daring, inquisitive and active. They must be carefully watched in their younger years, as they may venture into areas that are unsafe purely out of curiosity. When they get into danger while they are under the care of another, this is likely a case of negligence. This can include personal injuries that occur at preschool, at primary school, on playgrounds or in the neighborhood on another's property.

If a neighbor has an area that is hazardous to children, such as a swimming pool or other danger, it is important that children are protected from injury. Children who are suffering serious injuries through negligence is a terrible and emotional situation, and our injury lawyers at Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey take on such cases determined to assist with the child's future by seeking compensation for damages through a civil lawsuit or claim.

We are prepared to analyze the situation and advise the family how the case should proceed. We are fully personally involved in the case and will assist the family throughout the process, always keeping the best interests of the child as our utmost concern.

Was Your Child Hurt By Another's Negligence?

Our New Hampshire personal injury lawyers have over 40 years of experience in assisting the injured in the claims process, and in protecting the rights of the victim. When a low settlement is offered for compensation of a catastrophic injury, it is tragedy upon tragedy. It can be difficult to believe, but in fact, insurance companies can try to reduce valid claims, even when an injured child is involved. We are determined to fight for the rights of the injured and to seek fair compensation for damages, depending upon the degree of injury suffered by the child.

Some children's injuries are related to a medical error or accident. A child could have been misdiagnosed when suffering from an illness, and a failure to identify the illness leads to severe damage. Cases of spinal meningitis or other illness can have long term effects on the child, and the doctor involved may have failed to diagnose a symptom that they should have identified. Each case is unique and must be reviewed.

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